12 April 2011


"Trying to convince the men in the garage to help me with this blog has been like pulling teeth."
I understand that I am the writing brains in this outfit, but they have all the technical knowledge. I believe that the technical information they can give is vital to this blog. That being said, I have to find an easy way to get them involved.

My plan is to set up "mobile blogging" for Mike so that he can post short snippets of what is happening out there in the man  cave. Hopefully, if he gets the hang of "mobile blogging," I can get him working on a hovercraft twitter account that would also feed directly to the blog. We'll see how that goes.

In the mean time, I am busy uploading pictures and videos to sites that can be linked to easily. I hope to have all our hovercraft media accessible to you from this page in the next few days.

My next post will be somewhat of a historical piece. The idea of building a hovercraft began a very long time ago and with much less money! I think you will all enjoy seeing the comparison between the original craft and the one we are currently working on. Look for the post before the end of the week. Til then, Adios!

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